High Performance Lighting Solutions

SmartiLumin™ was created with one clear objective :

“To use design and technology to deliver intelligent, energy efficient LED lighting.”

This will be achieved with no compromise on style.

Our constant desire to stay ahead of the competition means we only work with the finest ‘best in class’ engineers and partner with pioneers and manufacturers across the globe who share our focus and ambition.

We continue to ensure all of our products are third party tested, evidenced in our open use of ies data clearly showing our energy efficiency claims.

After all, “saving energy is a beautiful thing”.

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SmartiLumin Mission Statement

SmartiLumin is committed to providing better LED solutions:

Every commercial building needs lighting. Not all lighting is created equal.

A Better Quality of Light – Enhance Client/Employee working environment

Energy & Cost Saving – Save money, Reduce carbon, Improve your EPC

Reliable Design – Little or no maintenance

Energy Saving

SmartiLumin helps you choose lighting systems that create better energy management, sustainability, and operational cost reduction.

Our luminaire ranges combine high performance, lighting efficiency with innovative design and style that can be incorporated into any retrofit programme to deliver maximum energy savings.

High Performance

Whether you want to adjust an ambience and influence the mood; sooth and energise or support productivity; transform an environment or create a spectacle, SmartiLumin has the high performance lighting solution.

And if we don’t, we will create a bespoke system to suit your requirements. We have the knowledge, the expertise and the range of systems to transform your goals into effective lighting applications.

Lighting Efficiency

SmartiLumin lighting is proven to offer a light output and efficiencies of > 152 lumens per circuit watt, representing 30% less energy usage than any competitor design currently available on the market.

When combined with an intelligent (automated) lighting system utilising daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors, use of SmartiLumin LED lighting ranges can result in third energy savings of up to 80% more than traditional fluorescents.

Partner With Us

SmartiLumin lighting systems never starts with what we have to offer; the first question is always, what do you want to achieve – whether it be for your business, your school, your community centre – what are you goals?

Only when we have answered this together, and we have carried out a full audit of your current specification and associated energy useage, can we build the right lighting solution. We identify the specific system capabilities required for now and the future as your organisation evolves and changes.

Innovative Design

Did you know the right light can help people feel more comfortable, safe and even productive? They beautify spaces, create warmer ambiences and transform environments.

Breakthrough LED specialist SmartiLumin, has created lighting systems that presents a *colour render index (CRI) of 93 light output, which stands as close to natural daylight as is currently technologically possible.

Intelligent Lighting

Lighting controls provide excellent flexibility and guarantee improved an environment. Lighting, with light level sensors and presence detection, is always optimized to take advantage of natural daylight savings and maximise off periods.

SmartiLumin technology ensures light fittings can be individually controlled to turn on and off or dim as required and even with individual control of fittings can be reconfigured if required.

“Combining a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design”

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